Saxena Lab

Dissecting causal role of insomnia in cardiovascular disease

This project aims to identify genes and pathways at GWAS loci for insomnia symptoms in humans, test the consequence of loss-of-function of Drosophila orthologs on sleep and cardiac function, and test the impact of perturbed sleep on cardiovascular function in humans and Drosophila.

Genetic links between chronic fatigue and long COVID

Genetic approaches leveraging large biobanks offer opportunities for gene discovery unbiased to known biology that should provide insights into the biological underpinnings and possible genetic links with long COVID.

Circadia Study

Circadia Study is a novel direct-to-participant cohort study focused on the genetics of individuals with advanced and delayed sleep phase disorder.

Sleep/Circadian Disturbance

This study utilizes the Mass General Brigham Biobank to assess the relationship between sleep timing, sleep disorders, and delirium.