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Everybody sleeps – and for a good reason

The Saxena Lab uses genetics and genomics to identify pathways underlying sleep, circadian and pregnancy disorders and reveal links with cardio-metabolic and neurological disease with the aim to prevent, diagnose and treat these disorders.

Genetics of Sleep

  • What genes underlie differences in sleep patterns between people?
  • What are the molecular mechanisms underlying sleep disorders?
  • Why do we sleep?

Genetics of Circadian Rhythms

  • What molecular pathways cause changes in daily biological rhythms such as morningness-eveningness preference?
  • How does clock gene variation impact human physiology, behavior and disease?
  • What genetic variation influences timing of gene expression?

Genetics of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

  • What maternal and fetal genetic factors cause preeclampsia?
  • How does preeclampsia relate to cardiometabolic risk factors and outcomes?
  • What genetic factors contribute to post-partum hemorrhage?

Sleep, Rhythms and Disease

  • Does sleep and circadian rhythm disruption cause, mark or result from chronic disease?
  • What mechanisms connect sleep, circadian rhythms and disease?
  • Do sleep or behavioral timing interventions prevent or ameliorate disease features?

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Circadia Study

Circadia Study is a novel direct-to-participant cohort study focused on the genetics of individuals with advanced and delayed sleep phase disorder.

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