Clinical Projects

Our current clinical study: Shift-work, Heredity, Insulin and Food Timing (SHIFT)

The SHIFT study examines the how eating during periods of high melatonin production affects glucose metabolism. Previous research has implicated variants of the melatonin receptor MTNR1B in the development of type 2 diabetes, and our current study will refine our knowledge of the causal mechanism between particular polymorphisms in melatonin receptors and increased T2D risk. Our research is particularly pertinent to shift workers who, because of their employment schedule, often eat during periods of high melatonin production which may contribute to the prevalence of T2D in this population.

Interested in Participating?

The SHIFT study is still accepting participants and welcomes all interested individuals, whether or not you currently engage in shift-work. Individuals interested in learning about their sleep quality and glucose metabolism, as well as those interested in diabetes research and prevention, are invited to enroll on the Partner’s Clinical Trials website: Three visits to the Massachusetts General Hospital or Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA are required as part of the study.

Your participation along with 1,000 other participants will help us learn more about ways to personalize treatment and health related to glucose metabolism.