Our Research in the News

Circadian Rhythms:

CNN: Hundreds of Genes Might Decide if You’re an Early Bird or a Night Owl

The Conversation: Morning or Night Person? It Depends on Many Mores Genes than We Thought

The Harvard Gazette: Early Birds Might be Happier than Night Owls

Medical Xpress: Research Sheds Light on Body Clock and Links to Mental Health and Disease

ZME Science: Scientists Identify Genes that Might Make You a Morning Person (or a Night Owl)

PBS Nova: Not a Morning Person? There Might be 350 Reasons Buried in Your Genome


The Harvard Gazette: Study Identifies Gene Regions Associated with Sleep Duration

Quanta Magazine: Researchers Tap a Sleep Switch in the Brain

Huffington Post: Scientists Identified 8 Genes That May Be Causing A Lot Of Sleep Problems

Tufts Now: Sleep and Weight Gain

MGH News Release: Genetics link sleep disturbance with restless legs syndrome, schizophrenia and obesity

Metabolism and Pregnancy:

CU Boulder Today: Frequent Night Shift Work Boosts Likelihood to Type 2 Diabetes

New York Times: After a Stillbirth, Tests Can Help Pinpoint the Cause

EurekAlert: Study Examines Shift work and genetic risk factors for Type 2 Diabetes

USA Today: Vitamin B3 May Play an Important Role in Preventing Miscarriages and Birth Defects

Nature Middle East: Hunting for Risk Genes